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GreenPoint TDI strives to define and implement on an Organizations desire for a painless and systematic integrated building. One that is focused on a plan that looks past your typical room or project but takes into consideration a 1 year, 3 year and 5 year plan for scaling and servicing the technology. This process of developing a true code level plan and then sticking with it through the integration project process, makes GreenPoint TDI different than most firms. This is the reason we are able to obtain, maintain and grow many long standing organization relationships.


Our partnerships with some the world’s largest corporate clients, Universities, Hospitals and Integrators provide us with a plethora of experience not only collecting information but gaining practical experience in implementing successful overall strategies that are widely accepted in the market place. Implementation of GreenPoint TDI process and strategy has saved our clients countless hours in managing their own systems and overall gives them a glimpse into the efficiency that can happen with proper planning and monitoring tools.