Users will have access to teamviewer, egnite, GreenPoint TDI’s webserver, QuickJoin as well as QuickSupport


GreenPoint TDI takes customer support very seriously. We want to ensure that our software is bug free upon delivery, but should any of these little critters end up in your code, you can rest assured that we will take care of you in a very timely and professional manner. Please email us at or call us at 602-769-8928 so that we can address any questions or concerns. Please also see the links below to gain access into our servers and remote support portals so that we can better serve you. Thanks for the continued business and let us know what we can do to increase your trust in our team!


Support Links


Access GreenPoint TDI’s webserver


Click to request a user name and password for GreenPoint TDI’s webserver.


GreenPoint TDI Meeting: QuickJoin


GreenPoint TDI Support: QuickSupport


GreenPoint TDI Offline Product Activation: Activation