Our team focuses on maintaining training as well as pushing many manufacturers technologies and the tools they provide for a truly integrated system. We are not loyal to certain manufacturers and the tools they provide. GreenPoint TDI will recommend and write a plan for the most efficient tools and equipment necessary to not only bring your integration project together successfully, but will also be relevant in the market place after implementation is complete. Particular attention is always given to the serviceability of the project and its scalability. Having the ability to scale the project at will, without re- inventing the wheel, is crucial to success in any organizations long term IT and AV needs; both saving long term cash flow and productivity, with systems that stay up and operational. Certifications: Crestron CSP (Authorized Independent programmer) , Crestron Masters Level Gold programmers, Crestron CLC-P Commercial Lighting system programmers, Crestron DMC-E-4k Digital Media certified engineers, Crestron SimpleSharpPro, AMX certified programmers, BSS Audio Architect Certified DSP programmers, Biamp Tesira Certified Programmers.


As a scratch build programming company first and foremost, Greenpoint TDI recognizes the value in different programming languages and the pros and cons to using them in certain situations. With this in mind, we have had to become subject matter experts at interpreting languages of various manufacturers of electronics and their software solutions. Over the years, it has become increasingly important to have the ultimate scalability in a software design which integrates different platforms, enabling GP TDI the ability to concentrate on writing, and maintain language translators of all the various languages and techniques. To accomplish this we use .net and web service tools that will hold information as well as receive it from various devices, webservers and software platforms so that we can push and pull information from our own software. This makes our own code scalable and efficient in such a way that allows the stake holders to stay relevant in their systems and be in control over the servicing of it. Certifications: Cisco A+ certification, Microsoft MSDN member, C#, C++, HTML, XML/JSON, Web services, javascript.


Need a single piece of code to control a single electronics product or system or a framework build to make your integration project successful? We can provide that as well. Our attention to detail in building code for devices that stands on its own can help the everyday integrator or field programmer master the efficiencies of their true goal. To make the customer happy with the least amount of project drag and “We can’t provide that” answers. Let GreenPoint TDI build the software which we specialize in making successful, while you do what you do best. Managing and servicing the client… Control Module and class creation: Partners-Christie Digital ( Spyder and Phoenix systems), Cisco StadiumVision Director, Enseo.


Are you an electronics manufacture or software platform company where your clients are asking for integration into other platforms for control and information sharing? GreenPoint TDI can help. We have many years of working with manufacturers in not only helping develop their control API’s but also writing software that complements if not expanding their own internal offerings. In the end, this adds value to the manufacturer’s product and gives the implementer of the project with the product piece of mind that they can add GreenPoit TDI software and it will just work how they intended. It is also GreenPoint TDI’s policy to write code to the whole manufacturers API. It is our belief that the programmer implementing the project should have the ability to use the gear as they choose, not how we choose to write the software for them.