GP NVX Manager


GP NVX Manager is software that discovers, configures, and controls NVX devices. Deploy configuration to multiple devices simultaneously. Set stream locations, analog audio mode, EDID, etc… directly from the GP NVX Manager interface.


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The GP NVX Manager provides a variety of options and features such as the following:

Device Discovery

  • One click device discovery
  • At a glance Online/Offline status
  • Import multiple devices at once


Device Configuration

  • Multi-site support for grouping devices together.
  • CSV import/export for adding new devices and making changes to existing
  • At a glance config difference shows what settings are different on the device vs saved in configuration
  • Push/Pull configuration settings to/from devices:
    • Device Name
    • IP addressing(DHCP or Static)
    • DNS servers
    • System time, time zone, and time server
    • Host name
    • Device mode (Transmitter/Receiver)
    • Multicast address
    • IP ID and Address
    • Various site wide settings such as EDID, analog audio mode, Output resolution, etc.
    • Dante Name (only applies to NVX-352(c) and NVX-363(c) devices)


Device Control

  • Start/Stop streams
  • Set stream location
  • Set Audio/Video source (only applies to NVX-352(c) and NVX-363(c) devices)
  • Set Dante Audio source
  • Set analog audio mode
  • Set inputs EDID and HDCP capability
  • Set outputs color mode, color depth, resolution, etc.
  • Start/Stop NAX(AES67) streams
  • Set NAX(AES67) multicast data


Device Grouping

  • Source groups for creating source lists of transmitters
  • Destination groups for creating destination lists of receivers
  • Link source groups to destination groups
  • Name/alias individual devices with in each group


Restful API

  • Endpoint control
  • Source/Destination group control

  • What is the difference between Lite and Standard versions?

    The lite edition has a 40 device limit per site. Standard edition has no device limit per site. A device is any NVX endpoint added to a site. Both lite and standard have no limit to the number of sites that can be created.

  • How can a license be moved to a new installation?

    To move a license to a new installation the license activation needs to be reset first. This can be done by contacting customer support and requesting a license activation reset. The license key and email address associated with the license will need to be provided to complete the reset. Once the reset is complete the new installation can be activated.

  • How many installations is a license valid for?

    Each license is valid for a single instance of the application. The installation and activation of the software on a machine is considered an instance.

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